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Linear Flavors

Linear Amino Red: Deep red in color, smells of sweet almonds and soy. Loaded with natural aminos and feed triggers.

Juicy Pear: Our flagship flavor, opaque off-white in color, smells of ripe, slightly acidic pear.

NOG (Nectar of the Gods): Yellow and red swirl, smells of ripe peaches and other summer fruits. Extremely pungent!

Classic Garlic: White in color, with enough kick to kill a vampire! Also features light peppery undertones.

Sweet OG: Natural light brown in color, clear when used in sprays or glugs. Smells of sweet corn.

Fireball: Deep red color, smells of spiced cinnamon rum. Great for winter or late fall.

Banana Nut: Dirty yellow in color, reminds us of mom's fresh-baked banana bread.

Pineapple Ice Cream: Bright yellow in color, loads of strong candy pineapple with just a hint of cream.

Molasses Kisses: Deep brown color, this strong molasses flavor packs a ton of punch!

Strawberry Dream: Light red color, loads of fresh strawberries with just a hint of cream.

Bahama Burn: Burnt yellow in color, spiced pineapple notes and hints chilies and hot peppers.

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